Aloha! I'm Sally Stratso.

I'm a writer, editor, book reviewer, standup comedian, actress, and animal lover. I live in Azle, Texas, with my husband and our dogs: Rocco, Annora, Reggie, and Trinity.

I'm excited to share my love of writing with you!

I have begun accepting short stories, poems, or updates from those of us in the film business.  No charge to publish this on my website.  I am always interested in promoting other writers or actors.  I firmly believe in the Pay It Forward principle, and I have almost 30,000 connections on LinkedIn.

My background

292 of my articles/columns/short stories are currently included in the University of North Texas Portal to Texas History.

My work has been published in Law Enforcement Today, Guideposts Magazine, Indie Slate, Lemons Newspapers, North Shore News, The Sanger Courier, Bastrop Daily Enterprise, The Denton Record-Chronicle, The Plano Business and Community News, Equus Magazine, Texas Shoreline News, Twist & Twain, and HauntedHawaii.com, among others.  I have written six screenplays and three spec scripts.

I have performed at comedy clubs in Denton, Arlington, and Dallas, Texas, as well as Waikiki, Hawai'i.  My screen credits include episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger, PCW Wrestling, Hawaii Five-0, and Adam Devine’s House Party; feature films such as Charlie & the Block, Hitman, The Riff, Holiday in Her Heart, Painted Hero, Slap Her - She's French, and Serving Sara.  Commercials include Nike Superbowl, Marcus Cable, and Disney Aulani Resort.

As a college instructor, I taught at a four-year university and community college:  U.S. History, U.S. Government, Texas History, Texas Government, and Creative Writing, and I am qualified to teach Diplomacy and Military Studies.

In my work as a freelance copywriter, I offer proofreading, line and content editing, tutoring, book reviews, press releases, PowerPoint creations, working with ESL writers, and obituaries. I have 30 years of experience.  

I have also been extensively trained in research, specifically Open Source Intelligence Gathering.  My reading speed is 1,187 words per minute with comprehension.

I can compose articulate and insightful language that accurately describes your vision, whether this vision is website copy, a book, stories, newspaper features and columns, magazine articles, and screenplays/scripts.  As I learned in my English Ph.D. background, "audience, purpose, and occasion" are of utmost importance, whether your goal is to educate, inform, or entertain. 

Links to some of my stories: